Stop Sweaty Palms – 3 Household Products That Work Within 20 Minutes!

Stop Sweaty Palms – 3 Household Products That Work Within 20 Minutes!

Sweaty palms can have a devastating effect on all aspects of your life mentally as well as physically. Non suffers just don’t understand how much we use handshakes and holding hands as a way of connecting and when your palms are sweaty and clammy you just feel embarrassed and somehow it’s your fault. However there are simple household items when mixed with water will help stop sweaty palms . At the end of this article you will have the information and confidence to shake or hold hands with anybody.

Here are the top 3 household products to help stop sweaty palms

Baking Soda

Baking Soda surprisingly is very good for helping cure sweaty hands and is cheap and readily available for most stores
The reason it works is it’s a alkaline which reacts with the sweat from your palms which is acidic this then turns to a gas that evaporates leaving your hands dry for hours

What to do
Use a large bowl and half fill it with warm water then add the baking soda till the water becomes cloudy. Immerse your hands; leave them there for fifteen to twenty minutes slowly moving them around. Then simply dry them


Vinegar has many healing properties due to been astringent and stopping sweaty palms is one of them. Any vinegar will do but white vinegar is the strongest.

What to do
Take half a cup of vinegar and mix with a quart of warm water and soak your hands for fifteen to twenty minutes


Not only is tea a beverage but it has great healing properties to. Like vinegar it is an astringent and will help stop sweaty palms. Any tea bags will do for this but the best for the job is Sage tea

What to do
Boil five tea bags in water for ten minutes, then leave to cool. Once the water is tepid insert your hands and leave them there for twenty five minutes then dry

There you have it three simple household products to at the very least will temporarily stop sweaty palms.


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