How I Succeeded in Online Business

How I Succeeded in Online Business

When I was in tenth grade, an interesting opportunity presented itself to me. At the time, I had just become interested in business, and I was reading about many topics related to the subject. Then, out of the blue, suddenly there was a way for me to apply my knowledge in the real world.

A friend from school, Matt, who I was not best friends with but knew fairly well, sent me an Instant Message describing a business venture he was involved in.

“Hey,” Matt started. After a brief exchange of introductory formalities, he continued. “I am starting a website to sell airsoft guns. How do you think it looks so far?” He gave me the URL,, and I checked it out. It was not completed, but the site looked pretty good.

“Looks nice,” I replied simply. Then I realized something: This is the perfect opportunity to apply my interests and skills practically. I told Matt about my knowledge of marketing and how I could be of use in his endeavor. Since Matt was more interested in the actual airsoft products and was primarily focused on the backend aspects of the website, he recognized the need for a marketing perspective. Therefore, he accepted my offer, and gave me the full details about what he was going to do.

At the time when I was accepted as his partner, the business had not been officially launched. All the products still needed to be added, and some final design aspects had to be finalized. The backend software used, osCommerce, was very easy to learn and manipulate, so I was able to add products while Matt finished the design. This only took about two weeks, and then we were up and running.

My job primarily comprised of search engine optimization. This is the process of targeting keywords and trying to get your website to rank well for them on Google. The ultimate goal is to become the first result for your targeted keyphrase. For MrAirsoft, we decided we wanted to rank for the keyphrase “cheap airsoft guns”, so whenever someone searched that term on Google, they would see us as the first result. This is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of work to achieve this goal. Since search engine optimization is an entire industry in itself, I will not delve deeply in to the tactics I utilized, but it involved a lot of article writing, article submission, link purchases, and partnerships with similar websites. In about six months, we had achieved our goal of ranking number one for “cheap airsoft guns”. Continued work enabled me to bring MrAirsoft to number one for the phrase “airsoft guns”, as well as rank highly for the word “airsoft”. Thanks to these rankings, we were able to do tens of thousands of dollars in sales (MrAirsoft still ranks well for all these terms).

Then an offer came in. Somebody wanted to purchase MrAirsoft for a huge amount. I was against selling, but Matt was for it, and eventually I agreed as well. We did not sell to get out of the game, but to reinvest the money in to a new, better airsoft website, which was to be known as EastCoastAirsoft. With MrAirsoft, the products we had were of fairly low quality, but we were able to purchase high quality airsoft guns for the new business using money from the sale.

As of now, Matt and I are working diligently on EastCoastAirsoft, and in an ironic twist, all the effort I put in to MrAirsoft has somewhat backfired, as they are now a strong competitor of ours. I am confident that I will be able to beat them, and EastCoastAirsoft will be able to thrive more than MrAirsoft ever did.

There is an important economic lesson to be learned from this. With economic freedom and a free market society, anybody can start a business, contribute to the economy, and support themselves well. In a different country or other type of economic system, the success experienced by Matt and I would never have been possible. Freedom is an extremely important thing that we must never take for granted, and all of us should work hard to spread this freedom around the world so every individual has opportunity.



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