Stop Sweaty Palms With Iontophoresis – Tested Proven Effective to Cure Hand Sweating

Stop Sweaty Palms With Iontophoresis – Tested Proven Effective to Cure Hand Sweating

Iontophoresis made its debut into the medical scene more than 50 years ago. This procedure is a trial and tested, proven effective alternative treatment over the years to stop sweaty palms or what is medically known as palmar hyperhidrosis. If you have excessive hand sweating like I did, where your keyboard and mouse are perpetually sticky, never fail to smudge your writing pads and hate the idea of shaking hands with strangers for fear of the embarrassment your sweaty palms might cause the other party, it is time to start looking for an effective cure.

Sweaty hands or excessive hand sweating is a physical condition very much affected by the environment around us. And it is hereditary in nature, which in my case, my dad had severe palmar hyperhidrosis and all four of us have inherited this very unwelcomed condition. The psychological and physical hindrances that this condition impact on us are equally drastically. We keep to ourselves in the midst of social interaction, affects our self esteem and relationships. It is no wonder that the two percent or six million people in America affected by palmar hyperhidrosis are desperately looking for a treatment to successfully stop sweaty palms.

Iontophoresis is a non surgical and non invasive procedure which has no known side effects even after so many years of applications. The process is simple. For 20 minutes a day. you simply connect the device and sock both your palms in separate containers of tap water. This should be repeated daily for one week after which you will find dry palms. The maintenance phase is one session every three weeks.

Sounds simple and it is. But if cost is in the way, fret not, as you could easily build your very own device for a little less than twenty dollars, with functionality as compatible to commercial ones, if not better. This is how I got around the cost issue then.

So if you have excessive hand sweating and the condition is hurting you not only physically but also psychologically, it is time to try iontophoresis and stop sweaty palms once and for all. You would be surprised what liberation from palmar hyperhidrosis brings to brighten your lifestyle.

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