Stop Sweaty Palms – Your Answer to the Right Hand Sweating Cure is Here

Stop Sweaty Palms – Your Answer to the Right Hand Sweating Cure is Here

If you remember those days at senior prom night when you danced with your very first girlfriend and your heart started beating like it will pop right out of you, you would also remember that instant when your sweaty hands start to act up too. The embarrassment was the last straw when you held her hand and she squirmed and struggled out of your grip in discomfort. Or when you started shaking hands with your potential bosses at job interviews and they move away uncomfortably from your icy cold sticky palms. Yes, palmar hyperhidrosis or excessive hand sweating is the condition you are suffering from. If you are not already on the lookout for a treatment to stop sweaty palms, you are losing out not only on your social life, but also your career. In fact, excessive hand sweating could actually have a negative impact on almost every aspect of your life.

While it is medically proven that Palmar hyperhidrosis is a physical and hereditary condition, many still think that they could conquer it with so called psychological remedies. The remedies might just work well for those who have mild cases, whereby a combination of meditation, biofeedback or deodorant applications would do. However, for those who are severely affected by excessive hand sweating, the only treatment to stop sweaty palms is to cure it at the root cause with either ETS surgery, Botox injections or Iontophoresis.

Every treatment to cure hand sweating has its pros and cons, well, almost every one of them. The severe cases would not adopt biofeedback or medication as they essentially do not help much. ETS surgery however, almost immediately stops the problem but about 90 percent of the patients develop compensatory sweating on their face, underarms, torso, groin or feet, giving rise to more new problems to contend with. Botox injections are not for the faint heart either, especially when you have to bear with the needling of countless jabs on your palms. On top of that, Botox treatment is not the end all and requires one to repeat the procedure every three to six months. That is high maintenance cost to even the middle income patient.

Iontophoresis is the alternative choice for treatment. It is non surgical, non invasive and has no side effects, since its debut about 50 years ago. Simply soak your palms in tap water and connect the machine and repeat the procedure daily over a week and you will get dry palms. Repeat the procedure every three weeks to maintain that level of dryness. And if you feel that the device is expensive to buy, you can make your own at a cost of about twenty dollars.

Although this is not the cure all, this is indeed the most appropriate treatment to start with. There is always the ETS surgery or Botox injections if this fails, but research have shown that iontophoerisis is successful about 90 percent of the time as the treatment to stop sweaty palms.

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