Trek to get an experience like no other

Trek to get an experience like no other

Trekking in Nepal is the best adventure of all the others that one may have experienced. As beautiful its scenery and surroundings are, Nepal the adventure spot for many people who seek it. It has the best trekking routes, which are counted amongst the best in the world. Many famous peaks are in its Annapurna region of the great Himalayas treks and not to mention Mount Everest as well. The country is known to be home of more that 8 peaks, throwing open its gates for the adrenalin junkies to trek Everest base camp. The opportunities are immense as many interested mountaineers hog the country of Nepal just for the mighty Himalayan treks.

Much as the mountains and the ranges of the country hold the fascination and excitement of mountaineers and enthusiastic trekkers, there is much to explore and take advantage of. Even the whole of the mountain covered country is considered a big adventure for experienced and beginner climbers alike. This adventure is very much like skiing holidays in USA.Just the sheer count of its cultural attractions and beauty of the mountains al around leaves a viewer spell bound and speechless for moments. As for those who are only interested in successfully trekking Everest base camp, they can avail the help of the famous Sherpa or even explore the known tracks with their own with fellow mountaineers. SO, where to start from? Some of the most exciting ranges of Nepal apart from the Himalayan treks are the most popular and adventurous Annapurna Circuit.

The might peaks of the Annapurna comprises of as many as seven peaks in the Himalayas region. The awestruck appearance of the ranges becomes majestic as it is surrounded by a widespread protection regional venture. The entire trip about Annapurna Circuit takes more or less 3 weeks from start to finish, which includes route that circles the complete massif. Right form the trekking that includes its steep ascents and Alpine meadows which are counted amongst the most spectacular landscapes around the world. The route that leads for the trek Everest Base Camp,isprobably the most sought after by the visitors and it demands moderate fitness by the climbers. One also gets to visit the beautiful monastery of Tengpoche and many Sherpa villages before getting a glimpse of the mighty Everest in the Himalayan trek region.

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