Sweaty Palms Remedy – How Severe is Your Excessive Hand Sweating?

Sweaty Palms Remedy – How Severe is Your Excessive Hand Sweating?

You probably are a fellow suffer of hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis and are searching for solutions to your sweaty palms problem. As I used to have severe hand sweating, I hope to share with you some remedies to cure sweaty palms which you might find effective. Do note that some individuals many react to the remedies differently.

If your palmar hyperhidrosis condition is deem mild in nature, they can be easily controlled with medicated creams such as the doctor prescribed AlCl solution cream. This cream is to be applied to the palms on an alternate day routine for about a few weeks and you will stop the hand sweating. Similarly, Drysol works the same way too. Creams are easy to use and the routine is convenience to follow. There are however drawbacks for creams, which essentially are effective only for mild conditions and their effectiveness do wear off after the sweat glands become immune to the medicated creams.

So if you have severe excessive hand sweating, you need a more intense treatment to control and eventually stop the sweaty palms. This other approach is Iontophoresis which is a treatment I have been using for stopping sweaty palms. The iontophoresis process does not lose effect over time like the other remedies mentioned above. It is non invasive which means no surgery is required, and is tested and proven effective with no side effects since its debut 50 years ago.

The key disadvantage of this process is the cost which ranges from 455 to 800 per device and hence may not fit the budget of everyone. However, you do have one final alternative which is to build your own device. Online manuals abound on the internet but there are only a handful clearly and concisely written guides with Step by Step video instructions to help you create your very own iontophoresis device system. The entire system and materials required for the device cost me less than 10 percent of the cost of a commercial device. I am now maintaining the routine with one session every three weeks, and have had dry palms for six months since I started with the system. I am happy to share that I have finally found the remedy to cure sweaty palms at a fraction of the total cost.

If you are still searching for the right remedy to cure sweaty palms, find out more about iontophoresis and stop your palmar hyperhidrosis palms for good. Live life anew.

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