Cure Sweaty Palms – Remedies & Treatments For Hand Sweating

Cure Sweaty Palms – Remedies & Treatments For Hand Sweating

About 1 percent of the total American population has sweaty palms or palmar hyperhidrosis with different people suffer from different levels of excessive hand sweating. The embarrassment of simple gestures like handshaking, or holding hands with your beloved can only be understood by fellow sufferers, I know as I used to have severe hand sweating.

Many types of remedies to cure sweaty palms are available in the market currently to help combat the condition. These remedies range from low to high intensity treatment and come in the form of medicated powders, anti perspiration deodorants, topical creams, Botox, ETS and Iontophoresis.

If you have severe excessive hand sweating, most of the medicated powders, topical creams and anti perspiration deodorants currently available in the market may not be able to help you much as a remedy to cure sweaty palms, let alone cure the condition. But this does not mean that you should give up your search for the right treatment as there are alternative approaches you could resort to.

The more severe cases of sweaty palms would require more intensive treatment such as Botox injections, ETS, iontophoresis. Each have their benefits and high costs of treatment is the key drawbacks for these three treatments.

Botox injections might seem like a very convenience solution to sweaty hands and it does provide almost immediate relieve. But key to note is that it is only a temporary solution as you are required to repeat the injections every three to six months. Also, you are one who is afraid of needles, Botox may not be your choice.

ETS is essentially surgery to severe away or clip off the affected sweat glands so as to stop palmar hyperhidrosis. There are medical risks, key being the fact that your surgeon needs to collapse your lungs to get the to pockets of sweat glands. And post surgery feedback indicates that about 95 percent of patients develop compensatory sweating on their torso, underarms, feet or face.

Iontophoresis is a tested and proven procedure to cure sweaty palms which is non invasive and medically documented to have no side effects. The simple process entails connect the device to your palms which are immersed in two separate plates of tap water and soak for 20 minutes. Follow this routine on a daily basis on a 15 to 20 minutes per session for one week and you will get rid of your palmar hyperhidrosis. Thereafter, you will move on to the maintenance phase where you only need to conduct one session every three weeks.

By far the Iontophoresis treatment is the most viable for most sweaty palms sufferers. In order to save on the cost of this treatment which could easily run up to about a thousand dollars, some have started creating their very own device and carry out the procedure within the comforts of their own home at their own time, at a fraction of the cost.

I am your living proof of successful iontophoresis treatment, and using my very own device too. It has been about six months now, and I can confidently say, No Sweat at all!

So do not procrastinate, make the right choice, find out more about my treatment, do yours in the comforts and privacy of your own home at your own time, and Start living again.

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