Websites, Sat Navs and Maps – What’s the Best Driving Navigation Tool?

Websites, Sat Navs and Maps – What’s the Best Driving Navigation Tool?

At times, driving can be the most stressful thing in the world. Driving over rolling hills in the countryside on a twisty scenic country road is great as an escape from working life in the city; however since the dawn of motoring, there have been drivers who struggled with directions. Most drivers could recall a road trip soured by a wrong turn or having to give up and ask for directions.

It’s for this reason that over the years we’ve invested in new and interesting ways to guide us to our destination. Sat-nav units are common to see attached to windscreens up an down the motorways these days. However, many sat-nav units can be quite costly for the average driver who doesn’t often drive on unfamiliar roads.

So what other options are there? Well many cities will have a dedicated A-Z where you can find out which inner city streets to take and where the confusing one way systems are meant to go. For years families and friends have argued over whether the map is the right way up and that they “should have gone that way” and so unless you’re a qualified and experienced navigator then you may run in to trouble.

As with many things though, allowing a computer to do all the calculations is a great resource and so many online mapping websites such as MultiMap and Google Maps have shot up in popularity. Some people use these services to decide where to go on holiday, how to get to a new job and many other uses too. Some of these websites allow you to print out step by step instructions and a map detailing each turn.

These are very popular but much like maps if you are using any written instructions you should make sure you are not moving when you are consulting them as taking your eye off the road can cause a major accident. A better way would be if someone were sat next to you reading out the instructions. Sometimes though you may be travelling alone, in which case you’d be best off with a sat-nav unit to prevent you from having to stop and start.

Much like having a personal navigator sat next to you a sat-nav unit can tell exactly where you are down to the nearest metre in many cases. This way the device can plan out your route and tell you where to turn and when. If you make a wrong turn or miss your exit then you won’t need to panic as most units will recalculate your trip. In addition, many will calculate your journey and arrival times which can help you to plan your trip plus they will work out the speed at which you are travelling and even warn you if you go over the speed limit.

So which form of navigation is best? Well it all depends on the driver; some like the effortless approach of sat-navs where others prefer the paper based planning and studying of maps. Some even prepare for a journey by doing a test run a few days before they need to make their trip. As long as you make sure you aren’t distracted whilst driving then you should be OK.

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